November 8, 2013

Episode Two of Ryse: Son of Rome Web Series Tells Vengeance Tale

Machinima has released the second episode of The Fall, a web series based on Xbox One's Ryse: Son of Rome.

The episode, titled Spirit of Vengeance, shows Marius Titus share the legend of Damocles to his soldiers on the battlefield. Damocles was a soldier betrayed by his generals and killed by their command. Upon being sent to the underworld, he is given a deal to return as a spirit and kill those who sent him there. Damocles returns to the land of the living as the Black Centurion and hunts down the generals.

Titus relates this tale to his father who used it as a reminder to always take care of the soldiers under his command. Titus' father, mother and daughter were murdered by a barbarian horde in episode one, released a few days ago. He vows to avenge his family and create a new legend about himself.

This episode sets up nicely for the final two episodes which are bound to have some great action scenes. Episodes three and four will conclude the series on Tuesday, November 12.